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Exhilarate your audience with an experience they never had – let them switch to their preferred view of the action.                                         ...

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Exhilarate your audience with an experience they never had – let them switch to their preferred view of the action.                                                   ...


How it works:

Record your videos.

Import your videos.

Create your player.

Share and view on any device.

SEE TUTORIAL VIDEO ON www.switchviewvideo.com.



Record up to 9 videos using video cameras or smartphones.

Cameras or smartphones can be handheld or placed on tripods or other objects.


Importing and creating:

Import your videos into SwitchView Video Maker and create a custom SwitchView Video Player of your videos at a click of a button – it’s that simple.



Web site or cloud for online streaming.

Cloud storage, email, text message, or USB drive for offline playing.

Embedded into your web page for online streaming.



Open the Player in any modern web browser on any device.

Use the arrows to switch the view of the action and zoom tool to get into the action.


SwitchView Video is the only video technology that lets video viewers switch to their preferred view of the action during playback! Combining the video effects of 3D video, spatial video, and linked video technologies to deliver a never-before-seen multi view interactive video experience. Record your videos, import them into our online video generator and free video editor, and use our built-in video streaming software to share your multi view online video anywhere, on any device, and any browser with no additional software – IT’S THAT EASY! You can also embed the generated interactive video into your web site or social media page. Unlike a conventional video editor, SwitchView Video Maker is the only video editing software and video generator that empowers you to create video switcher effects for your video viewers, synchronize videos, cut the video, and create other camera switcher effects. SwitchView Video is distinct from and should not be confused with 360 video, VR video, volumetric video, manycam, viewsync, switcher studio, and other video software and technologies that provide different functionalities.